Inside Out Headquarters



Headquarters is the central location of Riley's mind. It's the room where the emotions stand behind a large control panel and each button makes Riley do some action (when Anger pulls two levers at the same time, Riley has a violent outburst). It's appearance is that of a condo. The walls are filled with different memories that Riley has. There are couches, a staircase and a bookcase where the Mind Manuals are kept. There's apparently a long vacuum tube that can suck out anything. When Joy and Sadness get sucked out of Headquarters, Anger, Disgust and Fear were left to control Riley in their absence. "Headquarters" is a pun. When Riley gets a Brain Freeze, the whole headquarters and anything inside it will freeze, including the emotions. In the end of the movie, the control panel became much larger and it has more buttons and the buttons had more than just one color and they make up more than just one expression Riley can show up. All the emotions live and work inside the headquarters. It is implied each of the emotions has their own sleeping quarters, but they are not seen in the movie. All five of the emotions have lockers located under the stairwell. Since the stairwell curves, each locker has an escalating height which matches the emotion of the same height. Anger has the smallest locker since he is the shortest and Joy has the biggest one since she is the tallest of the five emotions. Each emotion's locker has a symbol with the color that represents which emotion owns which locker. The Headquarters is different for each person and also the dispostions of emotions. A difference can be seen between the Riley's Emotions and her parents emotions. For Riley, her emotions are constantly standing. But the Emotions of her parents are sitting instead of be standing

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